Refurbished Dyson Sale: Cleaners From $299.99

Refurbished Dyson Sale: Cleaners From $299.99

If you've always wanted a Dyson cleaner but weren't too sure about the price tag,  there's an option to consider. I just spotted that there is a section of their online store that sells refurbished models, and prices are quite a bit lower than brand new versions.

There are only 3 models to choose from at this time. For example, the DC25 multi floor upright cleaner is $499.99 to buy new, but only $359.99 as a refurb. Another example is the DC26 multi floor canister cleaner, priced at $499.99 new, and $299.99 as a refurb. Lastly, you can also choose the DC33 upright which is $499.99 new and also $299.99 as a refurb.

I am assuming that as they get more stock in, the above page would update with the various models. Here is a blurb about the refurb process:

The products are completely refurbished at the Dyson warehouse by qualified Dyson staff. The machine is completely re-worked and the product is thoroughly tested.

While regular Dyson canisters and uprights come with a 5 year warranty as standard, if you're concerned about the quality of a refurbished cleaner, they actually give a 2 year warranty on the refurbs, which is still very generous (handhelds have shorter warranty).

Free shipping on all orders!

In a recent post I did about the Dyson groom tool, it sparked a bit of a debate in the comments, with highs:

Dyson are AWESOME!!! My only regret is not buying one sooner!! [Joy]

And lows...

I have to empty the waste container often otherwise the vac. will die on me. I have to wait a day before I can use it again. :( It’s not very convenient for how much we paid! I kinda regret getting one. [Brenda]

What's your opinion of Dyson cleaners?

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