(70% off) Red Build on Brick Mug only $17.14 & Free Shipping @ Amazon.ca!

(70% off) Red Build on Brick Mug only $17.14 & Free Shipping @ Amazon.ca!


A couple of days ago, Brooke posted a deal on this Build-on-Bricks coffee mug from Maddeal here, and the price including shipping was coming in at around $22. At the time of writing, it was the best deal that we could find… but a Mooser in the comments mentioned that they were also on sale at Amazon.ca. I was browsing over there this morning and I actually noticed one seller retailing the red version of the funky mug at an even better price – it’s now only $17.14 with free shipping (that's 70% off)!

When you click through the above link, you should see the Amazon seller “AiChi” named on the right hand side, like this:


If you DON'T see this, please make sure that you click the “X new from $X…” link on Amazon and choose a reputable seller such as Promart or AiChi. If the seller happens to change at any time between the publication of this post and you reading it,  I noticed one seller on Amazon.ca which only had a 1 star rating with 0% positive feedback – make sure not to choose that one! But there are a few reputable vendors selling the Build on Bricks mug for $17.14 with free shipping – choose any one of those.

Please note that nowhere in these listings do the sellers refer to this item as LEGO – the Build on Bricks mug is not LEGO branded, as far as I know. But it IS LEGO compatible, meaning that it’s a good fit with all your LEGO bricks. You can stick as many LEGO mini-figures on to it as you want! Over on ThinkGeek, here’s the compatibility list of bricks which will work with this mug:

  • LEGO
  • PixelBlocks
  • Mega Bloks
  • KRE-O
  • K'NEX Bricks

I definitely want one of these!!!

(Expires: Unknown)


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