RCA 10" Tablet $98 @ Walmart

RCA 10" Tablet $98 @ Walmart

My toddler dropped my expensive tablet into the toilet. To protect my iPad, I immediately went out to research a decent but inexpensive tablet just for her and I was pumped to find this 10 inch RCA tablet for $98 at Walmart.

When I find tablets for under $100, they almost always have 7 inch screens so I jumped at this one with a 10 inch screen. It is perfect for showing those endless episodes of Paw Patrol.

This tablet includes built-in 16GB memory storage for plenty of apps and media, dual cameras for video conferencing and pictures and a mini HDMI output for connecting to a TV for big screen entertainment. It also includes an Android operating system and a Quad Core CPU with 1GB RAM as well as other features.

Your RCA 10 inch tablet will ship for free.

This tablet is just perfect to occupy my little one while I am trying to make lunch or to prevent yet another "Are we there yet?" while driving in the van. Let's just hope that it doesn't end up in the toilet.


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