Pre-Orders are Over! Rainbocorns Now in Canada

Pre-Orders are Over! Rainbocorns Now in Canada

After they were announced this summer, I been waited weeks for these to show up in Canada – and now they're finally here.

I'm talking about Rainbocorns, and pre-orders are officially over at Toys R Us Canada!

Now, I know you're probably asking yourself the same question I did when I first heard about these: What are Rainbocorns?

Officially, they're called Rainbocorns Sequin Surprise, and they're the latest collectible plush toys to come out this year.

Each one hatches from a mystery egg and has a reversible sequin heart that reveals a surprise when swiped. You can pretty much think of them like MUCH more affordable Hatchimals.

Every one of the Rainbocorns has a fluffy unicorn mane, sparkly horns and butterfly wings. Trust me, your kids have never seen magical creatures like these before!

They're made by Zuru, and there are already TONS to choose from. I spy 12 different colour options available on the Toys R Us Canada website. Each one sells for $29.99, and they're already VERY popular. The pre-order stock sold out completely, but your best bet for finding one is to check back at Toys R Us (and this page) often to know as soon as they're in stock again!


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