Quiznos Canada: Buck The System For $1 Discount!

Quiznos Canada: Buck The System For $1 Discount!

OK I know I had a Quiznos Canada post only a few hours ago, but I’ve found out some new information and I think it is worth a post of its own. If you bring in ANY coupon to your local Quiznos store, you can get a $1 discount on your sandwich. This is their “buck the system” promotion.Quiznos

It doesn’t say that it has to be a competitor’s coupon, like a Subway discount. Maybe you could even bring in a Staples coupon or a coupon for some random store! There is no reason why they shouldn’t accept it…

The buzz on the internets is that some Quiznos stores can be very fussy. They have the right to refuse to participate. If you are planning on buying a Quiznos sandwich anyway, then there is no harm in trying it out. The worst they can do is refuse to give you the dollar discount… they can’t kick you out of the store for trying your luck!!

Thanks to MrKat for the info and the image!

Bargainmoosers – let me know if it works please!


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