Quiznos: $5 9-Inch Sub When you Buy a Drink

Quiznos: $5 9-Inch Sub When you Buy a Drink

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Buy any drink and get any 9-inch sub for only $5 at Quiznos.

Quiznos is great. Of course like any great thing, it flees this crappy town I live in as soon as is humanly possible. So now we are sans Quiznos and it sucks. Actually, it's probably good because I try to eat Paleo and a Quiznos would put me in to a carb coma.

A $5 carb coma though. That's way better than a full priced carb coma. Since I don't have a Quizno's nearby I couldn't pop in and get prices for you fine folk. If my memory serves me, the 9-inch subs can get up in the $8 range.

Actually, you know what, the inimitable Krista White to the rescue. She's calling a Quiznos for me right now to ask the prices. I'm just going to wait here and listen to daybreak by Michael Haggins for a little bit. I've been watching a lot of Community lately. Awesome show. Cool. Cool cool cool.

Ah, here she is with the prices. The cheapest is $6.49 and the most expensive is $7.49. That's at her local store in Calgary. I feel like they were a bit more expensive here but maybe not. I do remember drinks from $1.25 and up at my local Quiznos so that basically means that, depending on which sub and which drink you get, you are basically getting a free drink and a bit of change.

Not too shabby if I do say so myself. Now if only I could use this deal myself.

(Expires: 2nd March 2014)


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