PyroPet Candles for $44 @ Urban Outfitters

They melt to reveal metal skeletons!
PyroPet Candles for $44 @ Urban Outfitters

Now that October is here, it's officially Halloween in my books – and I'm using that as an excuse to break out all the spookiest decorations I can find. No haunted house is complete without candles, so I might as well invest in some of the creepiest ones out there. And for me, that means PyroPets.

I've seen them at a few local boutiques every now and then, and there are occasionally copycat candles available on Etsy – but these PyroPet Shaped Candles are the real deal. Urban Outfitters has three different creatures in stock: Kisa the pink cat, Hoppa the white rabbit and Einar the purple unicorn. Each one is $44.

These candles are actually pretty massive, with most of them standing at 8" tall. They're beautifully carved and look great on your shelf, even if you choose not to light them – but there's a surprise if you do ...

Each PyroPet has a secret inside. Once the candles start melting, they'll reveal a (metal) animal skeleton! They're all unscented and should be placed on a heat-resistant plate or candle holder when lit. The three candles at Urban Outfitters all burn for about 16 hours, and afterward, you'll have a skeleton to display!

These candles tend to sell out almost immediately every time UO announces that they're back in stock – so make sure you hurry if you want one! If and when this batch sells out, you can find them at The Dept. You can also buy PyroPet products from another Canadian company called Bergo Designs, but their prices are a little steeper. The Kysa PyroPet, for example, costs $58 on their site, but shipping is free on $100 orders.

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