How Cute are These Kids' Monster Shoes @ Puma?

How Cute are These Kids' Monster Shoes @ Puma?

Get ready to roar! Puma Canada recently launched a new line of shoes and clothes for kids. It's called the Monster Pack, and these teeny sneakers are freakin' adorable.

There are a few different styles included in the collection, and the shoes and outfits are made to fit infants, toddlers and older kids.

My absolute favourites have to be these teeny Puma Smash v2 Monster PS sneakers. I can't get over those little eyes and teeth!

But if monsters aren't quite your thing, they also have a couple of pretty pairs. The Suede Butterfly V PS shoes come in sizes for infants and older kids, and they even have utterly wings on the Velcro strips!

Conceptually, they're very similar to the Toddler Boyzilla Slip On V and Kids Asher Unicorn shoes from Vans – but since there aren't any horns or claws sticking out, they're a little more practical.

All prices on their website are listed in USD, so you might want to do a quick conversion before you check out. Most orders to Canada should ship for free, but remember there may be duties.


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