PUMA Canada: FREE Shipping Weekend

PUMA Canada: FREE Shipping Weekend

PUMA makes you cooler. FREE Shipping makes you smarter. Bargainmoose makes you both.

So I was going to go through and pick out some items to feature at random but I decided who better to pick out Puma clothes that people who are buying Puma. So here are three items picked out of the trending sections of the Men's, Women's and Kid's sections.

Hey, look, I actually like everything in this list. I definitely like the Hi-Top style sneakers and I would totally put that Big Cat Pixel T-Shirt on my boy. Obviously I'm not going to be wearing Ballet Flats but my wife wears them all the time. She'd dig them for sure. I was looking at some of their BioWeb stuff too and it looks pretty awesome.

I mentioned this last time I wrote about Puma but I really dig their selection. It doesn't really matter what your style is, you can probably find something here. They have cross branding promotions with companies like Mobium, Ferrari and BMW. They even sell perfume. You can get their clothes just for looks or you can get high performance footwear for whatever sport you're in to.

All prices are in USD and shipping for this deal is FREE!

Do you own any Puma? What do you have? Anything looking good to you in this sale? Let me know in the comments below!

(Expiry: 2nd June 2013)


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