Pronto Changing Stations From $30 @ Chapters Canada

Pronto Changing Stations From $30 @ Chapters Canada

There is nothing worse than a dirty nappy and having nowhere to change it. You want to get your baby out of that diaper as quick as possible, but how? When my son was young, I wish I had something like this Pronto Changing Station. Luckily enough, Chapters Canada has these changing packs available for as low as $29.60. Get free shipping on orders over $25 too.

The Pronto Changing Stations range in price from $29.60 to $32. So you can pick the colour and pattern you prefer, the cost difference shouldn't make your decision for you. Of course, my favourite happens to also be the most affordable version. The Pronto Changing Station - Chevronis on sale from $37 down to $29.60.

These portable diapering kits have everything you need to change your baby on the go. There is an extra-wide changing pad that easily wipes clean. It even has a head cushion to keep your bundle of joy not only safe, but also comfortable. There is also a wipes case, a mesh pocket for diapers and ointments and a front zipper pocket for other items. It all folds up into the cute carrying case you see pictured. There are eight different Pronto Changing Stations to choose from, so have at 'er! offers free shipping on orders over $25 too, so you won't have to worry about paying anything extra to have your new life-saver shipped to your house.

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