PrincessAuto Canada: 50% Off Pair Of Vehicle Dollies

PrincessAuto Canada: 50% Off Pair Of Vehicle Dollies


Move your latest car project or something else with this pair of vehicle dollies from Princess Auto.

I'm not really a car guy. I know how to fix a lot of stuff, but I'm not an enthusiast. I'll never own a project car. However, there are a lot of car guys in Canada (and wives of car guys) who need to occasionally move their cars. This could be to move it from where you work on it in the driveway to where you store it in the garage at night. This doesn't even have to be for a project car, it could simply be for a car that broke down.

Here is a review from one of those car guy's wives I was taking about:

We purchased 2 sets of these vehicle dollies and my husband was able to move his 1970 GTO from one garage to another with ease. Much easier on the back! We just had to bolt the casters onto the cradles and they were ready to use. They are very solid. Minor detail - They are blue in color and not black as shown.

You get a set of two for $44.99. You're saving $45 off of the original $89.99 price tag. Each pair of dollies can handle 2000 lbs., so four will support a 4000 lb. vehicle.

While they are meant for cars, I'm sure these could be used to transport other things too, but again, they are meant for vehicles so please be careful when using them. We don't want any of our readers to get hurt!

(Expires: 22nd September 2013)


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