PrincessAuto: $30 for Three Piece Snowmobile Dolly Set

PrincessAuto: $30 for Three Piece Snowmobile Dolly Set


The snow is about to fly so get your snowmobile out quick and easy with these snowmobile dollies for 40% off from PrincessAuto.

Normally I go straight to Canadian Tire to get a competitor's price on products I see on sale at Princess Auto. I mainly do this because Canadian Tire is almost always more expensive. This time I didn't get the chance to pour salt in the wound of Canadian Tire sucking because they don't even carry the products. So I went to Home Hardware. They did not disappoint. Regular price at Home Hardware is $59.99. Regular price at PrincessAuto is $49.99! On top of that you save another $20 because of the sale and only end up paying $29.99! Not too shabby for a quick and easy way to move your snowmobile out of storage without any damage or hassle.

We just got a Princess Auto here and I'm so excited! Of course it's Christmas time so I haven't been in. I'd come out with no money left for gifts and that would be terrible. I used to go online, check a bunch of stores and spend a lot of time looking for the kind of stuff that PrincessAuto carries. I always want to make sure I get the best price. It was, of course, almost always cheaper at PrincessAuto but I'm not a car guy so I only buy car stuff when I need it right away. That means I was paying more money at local stores because I just needed it right away. Now I'm going straight to my local PrincessAuto and if I don't need it right away, I'm still hitting up!

Shipping for me was around $10 but I live a bit away from a shipping depot. For you it will depend on what you're getting and where you are.

(Expires: 17th November 2013)


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  • MLBR
    Can't go wrong for $30.