Princess Auto Canada: 40% Off 1500 Pound Capacity Trifold Aluminum Ramp (Only $140)

Need an easier way to get stuff on your truck or trailer? Do it for less with this ramp from Princess Auto.

When I looked at this deal I figured shipping would be expensive, so I almost didn't write it. I mean, it's huge, I couldn't imagine it being reasonable. I decided to stick my postal code in there anyway and it only came up to $20 for shipping to Atlantic Canada, and it shipped from Purolator. That's not bad at all!

The actual deal is that you get the ramp for $137.99. The regular price is $229.99. You're saving $92! That's a really good price, especially where princess auto usually has great prices to start with! A very similar (almost identical) ramp at Canadian Tire is $299.99 and they won't ship it to your door. The ramp is meant to be used for loading a trailer or truck, but I suppose it could be used anywhere you need a ramp or even a little bridge.

On a side note, isn't Princess Auto great? They have had one in a city near me for a while and they are finally getting one in my city. If I was the local Canadian Tire, I'd be worried about my automotive section. Princess Auto constantly prices their products better and the quality is usually just as good as Canadian Tire offers. It's not a store I'm going to go to a lot, but every once in a while I need something like a bottle jack or a ratchet set. Princess Auto is definitely going to be my new first destination when I need stuff like that.

One thing about this deal - it says it's only starting on the 27th August 2013, but it is available on the website now. I've noticed that they always do this. I don't know if the people who do the website just push the deals early, before they go home for the night. Whatever the case, the deal is available so have at it!

Canadian Tire or Princess Auto? Fight! out in the comments below.

(Expires: 8th September 2013)


  • JFranz
    Actually a great deal as if it's a solid ramp the price is incredibly low!
    • Shawn M.
      Good to know that someone who actually seems to know what they're talking about approves of the deal! Thanks for commenting! =)

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