Princess Auto: 40% off 3 1/2 Ton Low Profile Floor Jack ($120)

Princess Auto: 40% off 3 1/2 Ton Low Profile Floor Jack ($120)

Get 40% off this 3 1/2 ton floor jack from PrincessAuto Canada!

I'm going to be up front with you guys and tell you that this thing is expensive to ship. It's like $40. If you happen to have a princess auto nearby, you'd probably be best served by going there. But if you don't you're actually saving $80 on the original $199.99 price of the product so with shipping you're still saving 20% or $40. Regardless, the product itself is only $119.99. I checked out other retailers and they are all around $200. Some are a bit more or a bit less than $200 but none come close to the $119.99 mark of this one. Even with shipping, you aren't going to find anything this cheap.

So why do you need a 3 1/2 ton floor jack? Well, primarily to jack 3 1/2 tons off the floor. Specifically, you are likely going to be using this for your car. A lot of people out there have the skills to work on their cars but do not have the tools. Generally this is because it's really expensive to get the tools. Getting a floor jack of this quality for this price would be a huge boost to anyone looking to do this stuff.

I feel compelled to mention that working on your own car is dangerous. Be safe, don't do anything dumb. If you drop a truck on your head, I'm going to be very disappointed in you!

(Expires: 11th August 2013)


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  • fred i.
    Dude: The floor jack in your picture is not a 3.5 ton floor jack. It is a smaller 1.5 ton jack. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!