Pricematters Canada: Free Shipping No Minimum

Pricematters Canada: Free Shipping No Minimum

Enjoy free shipping on any order at Pricematters Canada right now.

There are still some really great video game deals at Pricematters Canada. Homefront (PS3), which was $52.99 originally, is now only $9.99. Michael Jackson The Experience (Xbox 360) was $44.99 and is also now $9.99. The really popular titleFinal Fantasy XIII (Xbox 360) was $57.99 and is now $9.99. I love the discounts onBattlefield Bad Company 2 (PS3) andBioshock 2 (Xbox 360), which were $67.99 and are now $9.99 each.

If you are looking for DS games, they start at just $4.99 likeBest Friends Tonight (DS), which was $30 and is now $4.99.

Don't want to game? There are plenty of other deals on Pricematters, too. For those trying to get into shape, this Zumba Fitness Exhilarate Essential Five DVD Collection w/2x1lb Zumba Toning Sticks is on sale from $99.99 down to $41.99.

(Expiry: 31st July 2013)


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