Priceline Canada: $5 Off Name Your Own Price Hotels!

Priceline Canada: $5 Off Name Your Own Price Hotels!


Over on the Priceline Negotiator facebook page, they mention a great little deal for bonus cash! You can claim a coupon for at least $5 discount on your hotel spend, when you are using the "name your own price" hotel booking feature.

Now, this isn't a normal discount offer, where it's a flat rate of $5 discount. Instead, it's an extra $5 credit on the name your own price feature. This excerpt explains it quite well:

We will add the Bonus Cash to your offer price to increase your chances of getting your eligible Name Your Own Price Hotel at a great price! As an example: If your Bonus Cash amount breaks down to $5 per night, and you name a price of $25 per night for a hotel reservation, we will submit your offer price as $30 per night. If your request is accepted, you will only be charged your original price of $25 per night, plus taxes and fees.

There are a few terms and conditions of this offer:

  • You must book before April 16, 2010
  • Valid on 3, 3.5, and 4-star hotels
  • Stay at least two nights
  • Valid for Name Your Own Price hotels
  • Save $5/room per night up to $25

Now, I have written a pretty detailed Priceline guide here, which many people have made use of over the past year, and saved quite a bit of money on their hotel bookings. If you plan on booking a hotel soon, use this bonus cash deal in conjunction with my Priceline guide and make sure you get a mega-bargain for your vacation!


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