President's Choice BBQ Tour

President's Choice BBQ Tour


President's Choice Canada is having a BBQ tour! They will be travelling across Canada, hosting BBQs, giving out freebies and showing you their new products.

There are loads of locations for the BBQs, mainly in Quebec, Ontario, Alberta and BC. Click the above link to find a location near you.

Of course if you decide to attend one of the President's Choice BBQ events, you will be bombarded with advertising of their products.... but that should be a price you are willing to pay.

Here's a comment from Bargainmooser Liz who was kind enough to email me with this offer:

So found this out today, It's for Presidents Choice (superstore, loblaws). They are having BBQs and giving away free things. Anyways here is the website that will explain things. Pretty much in BC you could feed your family free lunch every weekend for like a month if you're willing to drive around!


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  • gary
    where are the free bbq s in alberta?