Pregnant? Need Bras? Check Out Bravado Designs!

Pregnant? Need Bras? Check Out Bravado Designs!

Bravado Designs is a world renowned brand for maternity wear and nursing bras. I’m a member of their mailing list, and they sometimes send out special offers from time to time. They’ve released a new coupon code for a 25% discount on everything on their website. When you click through, make sure to choose the “Canada” option for the online store.

It’s quite a short-running discount code, you only have a few days left to use it. Bravado even have a very useful page if you want some maternity bras, but are unsure what to order. It’s titled “What the heck should I buy?” Whether you have a brand new baby, or you want a sexy bra for a hot date, they can take that info and recommend the best one for you to use.

If you’ve never heard of Bravado Designs, have a quick Google search and hunt down some product reviews. I spotted this one at, regarding the Silk Seamless Nursing Bra. The author called the bra a “total lifesaver” for her since her baby arrived. Apparently celebs are fans of Bravado too, with both Sarah Jessica Parker, and Britney Spears being lovers of the original nursing bra from Bravado!


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