Powerful Eureka EasyClean ​Hand-Held Vacuum $39 + Free Shipping @ Sears

Powerful Eureka EasyClean ​Hand-Held Vacuum $39 + Free Shipping @ Sears

If you need a powerful little vacuum for small messes around the house or in your vehicle, check out this Eureka that's on sale for $45.99 at Sears right now. But use code 941612663 at checkout for 15% off, and pay just $39.09.

This little guy has fabulous reviews across the web with most saying it's got great suction power, which I generally find to be the issue with smaller vacuums. It actually has two motors -- one that powers the rotating brush and one that powers the vacuum -- ensuring maximum suction.

It has a Riser Visor that flips up for easy stairs cleaning, a crevice tool and long 20 ft. cord. There's no bag to change; just a filter and dust cup to empty when necessary, making cleaning fast and easy.

The EasyClean is perfect for quick pick-ups or small spaces; its brush roll picking up dirt from bare floors and area rugs and ideal for stairs and upholstery.

Sears offers free shipping on orders of $99 or more so you'll want to have this shipped to your local store for pick-up to avoid any further fees if you're not ordering anything else. The price for shipping is about $6.95 which negates the additional discount but the sale price is still a good one if you can't get to (or don't have) a store or pick-up point near you!

I'm thinking this would be super handy for underneath the high chair. I (and by that I mean, the dogs) am forever cleaning under there! sigh

Could you use one of these, Moosers?

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