Powered Firetruck for Two Now $100 (Was $189) @ Chapters.ca

Powered Firetruck for Two Now $100 (Was $189) @ Chapters.ca

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Chapters has this adorable powered firetruck, big enough for two kids to ride at the same time. A toy that two kids can play with, nothing but fun or nothing but trouble? All kidding aside, getting your kids to play together is what family is all about! Originally, $189.95, this powered truck is now only $100. Get ready for more play dates and entertained kids than ever before.

This new toy is pushing those old four wheeled toys out of the way, and making a lasting impression with its new technology and options. What was once just a little plastic red and yellow car that had to be pushed around in order to move, is now an amazing powered firetruck with a hidden compartment for toys, powered movement, and new sounds for the new generation of kids to enjoy.

Playing pretend has never been cooler with so many lights and sounds on this gadget. It'll make your children feel as though they are real firemen, off to their next rescue. The sounds include sirens, dispatch, horns, and even an alarm. The fire truck comes with an easy to charge plug, making this toy one of the best of its kind.

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