Pots, Woks & Cookware Oh My! Clearance Prices From $5 @ Sears Canada (EXPIRED)

Pots, Woks & Cookware Oh My! Clearance Prices From $5 @ Sears Canada (EXPIRED)

    Pots, Woks and Pans... Oh my! Sears has it all on sale right now - and prices start at just $5.24. You will see discounts of up to 80% off in their cookware section. I am always excited for some new cooking tools. Aren't you? Plus - you can use the code SUMMER30 to get an extra 30% off your purchase.

    I own this Kenmore MD 10" Skillet. I have assigned it as the "egg pan" and it is the only one that we cook eggs in. Mostly because our other pans don't have much for non-stick (they are stainless steel), but also because of how easy this one is to clean. It is 80% off right now, so you can score it for $5.59 with your extra 30% discount.

    If you need the whole kit and caboodle, then I suggest taking a look at the Lagostina Classic Provence 10 Piece Non Stick Cookware Setwhich is on for 70% off - $149.98. With the extra 30% discount you will get this entire set for $104.99. This set is good enough for your own established kitchen, or send it off to campus with your university bound students.

    There are so many items to choose from right now - so get crackin'. Just don't forget to use the code SUMMER30 to score that additional discount at the check out process. It applies to other sale items as well, but there are some exclusions of course.

    Spend $99 at Sears.ca and you will get free shipping on your purchase. If you don't quite spend that much, you can opt for free pickup at one of the 1300 Sears pickup locations across Canada.

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    • Cheryl O.

      Sadly sears is known for this. They put on "specials" or sales that they don't honour

      It's happened to me x 2 now and I just refuse to buy from them online anymore

      They even have the gall to charge you the full price without telling you