Potentially Free Philadelphia Brick Cream Cheese on 2nd June Only

Potentially Free Philadelphia Brick Cream Cheese on 2nd June Only


Philly Canada is searching for recipes for the Cheesecake of the Year! And in doing so, they’re holding a giveaway / contest to give away various free coupons for Philadelphia products, freebies and even a round-trip ticket to compete in a bake-off in Toronto. That’d be fun!

  • When: Monday the 2nd June 2014, 12 pm ET

My recommendation: before the contest starts, get all your preparation done. You have to have a fantastic cheesecake recipe typed out ready to copy and paste, as well as photos of your finished product. Have all that information and documentation ready to go by the start date of the Philly contest. Time for some baking and photographing!

I’m posting this information well in advance so you can scribble in a note in your diary, or set a reminder on your cellphone to be online on the contest page when it goes live on Monday the 2nd of June 2014. The first 250 entrants into the contest will receive one free Philadelphia Brick Cream Cheese. I know that there are only 250 freebies to be had, so I really hope that some of the Bargainmoosers get in there early and claim one. Please tell us in the comments below if you manage to snag a Philadelphia freebie.

What’s your best cheesecake recipe? I love making variations with different fruits and chocolate bars. One of my best recipes features a base made from crushed ginger cookies and a topping made with Philadelphia and chopped pineapple. Delicious! Another favourite recipe features crushed mint Aero bars as a topping… it’s a lot of fun just taking your favourite things and throwing them into a cheesecake and seeing if it products something to stimulate the senses; a taste sensation!

I’ve never been in a bake-off, but it sounds like such fun! I’ve seen plenty on TV and I’d love to participate in one myself. I’m a speedy cook in the privacy of my own kitchen, but I don’t know what the pressure would be like in a communal environment like that. Ever been in something like this? Maybe one of the Bargainmoosers will be the cheesecake queen of Canada!

(Expiry: 2nd June 2014)


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