PopSockets on Sale from $10.99 @ Amazon.ca

PopSockets on Sale from $10.99 @ Amazon.ca

My coworker has one of these PopSockets, and now I'm thinking I might finally try one, because Amazon.ca has them on sale from $10.99!

These multifunctional grips work as tabletop stands for your phone or tablet and can expand to the height and angle you need. They help you better grip your device and make things like playing games a little easier on your wrist, since they help your hand stay in a more natural position.

They even claim using one will prevent you from dropping your phone as often – and honestly, I'm up for trying anything that keeps my screen from shattering again!

Plus, they make FaceTime calls and taking selfies even easier!

Check out these ones:

There are even more patterns and colours available at Chapters, where they're 2 for $25 – including an Avocado one! Amazon.ca's discounts are still a better deal, but I'd check Chapters if a specific one you have your eye on isn't on sale there yet!

Just be careful if you have a silicone or waterproof phone/tablet case, since PopSockets won't always stick to them.

Orders over $35 ship free from Amazon.ca, and most of these PopSockets are Prime eligible.


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