Where to Buy the Poopsie Slime Surprise Unicorn

Where to Buy the Poopsie Slime Surprise Unicorn

What do you get if you combine unicorns, slime and surprise toys? Well, Poopsie combined all three of the biggest trends of the year to come up with a new toy that's now at the top of a LOT of Christmas lists.

It's called the Poopsie Surprise Unicorn, and it's amazingly still in stock in Canada.

This might just be the ultimate toy for kids who love unboxing – because (unlike a lot of surprise toys out there), you can unveil your unicorn and then actually keep playing with it.

Just feed your unicorn, sit her on the glitter potty and wait – because she'll poop out a surprise! Here's a hint: it's slime! (And you can make the slime over and over again.)

Each kit includes a Poopsie Surprise Unicorn, a glitter potty, 4 Unicorn Food packets, 4 Unicorn Magic Packets, a Unicorn Sparkle packet, an exclusive bottle and a poop keychain, as well as a Unicorn shirt, diaper and accessories (including a cleaning tool and hairbrush).

There are four different Poopsie Surprise Unicorns to collect. They're available at Chapters Indigo (for $79.95 each), Walmart Canada (for $79.97) and Toys R Us Canada (for $79.99).


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  • Melissa H.

    I’m disturbed by this

    • Stephanie J.

      Um isnt that teaching kids they can play with poop... isnt ok

      • Rhon K.

        Ok I just saw unicorn

        • Michelle J.

          Not at $80 for something that poops

          • Tanya M.

            Omg Payton would love this

            • Jenna L.

              My daughter has a dog that poops. Santa brought it after she told anyone who would listen that she "wanted a dog that poops for christmas". She loves it to this day!