Point Zero Canada: Get $50 off $150 PLUS Stacks with Exclusive 15% Coupon Code PLUS Free Shipping!

Point Zero Canada: Get $50 off $150 PLUS Stacks with Exclusive 15% Coupon Code PLUS Free Shipping!


This weekend, the popular clothing store Point Zero Canada is having an event in which if you add $150 or more worth of clothing to your cart, you get an automatic $50 discount. That’s not a bad deal in and of itself, but it’s made even sweeter when you apply our exclusive coupon code below. The 15% coupon code seems to stack on top of the $50 discount, giving you an even higher discount percentage! Here are the details of our exclusive coupon:

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  • CouponCode: MOOSE15
  • Discount: 15% off regular priced items
  • Expires: 31st July 2015

For example, here’s a shopping cart which I just filled with some goodies:


Here’s how the worked out the discount – first of all, the $50 is subtracted from the total, then the extra 15% coupon is applied. For the above cart, that’s actually working out to be around a 41% discount on the original prices there. Just note that the $50 off $150 is a site-wide discount, but our extra 15% coupon only applies to regular priced items.


If your order is less than $75, standard shipping is a flat rate of $9.95. But if you plan on taking advantage of the above offers, then your cart is going to be over that threshold anyway and you will get free Canadian shipping to your home.

Clothing Examples

I smiled when I saw the category for the “jungle look” in the ladies new arrivals section, and I actually mis-read it as The Jungle Book. I’ll show you a few items that I like – but keep in mind that the prices I quote here are going to be full-priced, i.e. before all the above discount amounts.

Remember, when you add things to your cart, you’ll see the extra $50 off $150, then also don’t forget to add the extra 15% coupon code. The Point Zero brand can be a little pricey, but with this stacked discount, it brings things down to a much more reasonable level.

Speed of Site

Just watch out when you are browsing on Point Zero… I found the site very slow. It took about a minute to actually add anything to my cart, or when updating the cart it just seemed to take ages. Persevere to get the deals!

(Deal combo ends 5th July 2015)

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