Point Zero Canada: BOGO Men's Shirts & Shorts (+ Extra 15% Off!)

Point Zero Canada: BOGO Men's Shirts & Shorts (+ Extra 15% Off!)


In celebration of Father's Day, Point Zero is offering a "buy one, get one 50% off" deal on men's shirts with a print and shorts. Plus, you can our Bargainmoose exclusive code MOOSE15 to save an additional 15% off your order!

Very often, stores disable the use of existing coupon codes with newly launched promotions and since it’s a major bummer to discover that a certain code is invalid at the checkout, this is always one of the first things I check for when a new promotion is launched.

With Point Zero's one, once I added two pairs of the Denim Capris (reg. $62) to my basket, they were immediately discounted to just $93 as per Point Zero's BOGO 50% off sale. I then inputted the Bargainmoose exclusive and was thrilled to discover that the order was further brought down to just $79.05, bringing the price of each pair at just $39.53!

Luckily, you don't need to get two shirts or two pairs of shorts for the discount to work as you can mix and match freely between the two.

I have to admit that hearing about printed shirts makes me think of an old-fashioned look with palm trees as a design but Point Zero's selection is actually quite nice. Fashion-wise, my advice would be to pair a solid-coloured pair of shorts with one of the printed shirts to avoid any conflicting patterns. This Poplin shirt at $56, for instance, would look great with the denim capris I mentioned above and with the exclusive, would cost just $76.50 together.

Shipping is at a flat rate of $9.95 per order. If your order consists of a gift (or several gifts ;)) for Dad, then it's definitely a gamble as to whether you will get it by this week-end as Point Zero's standard shipping takes 3-5 days. There is also the possibility of having your order shipped express but the cost is of $24.95. Be sure to always check the Bargainmoose forum for all the latest Point Zero coupon codes.

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