Point Zero Canada: 50% Off Skinny Jeans - Now $28

Point Zero Canada: 50% Off Skinny Jeans - Now $28


Summer is far from being over and yet summer merchandise is already starting to go on sale. Point Zero has their skinny jeans on sale for just $28, which is half off their original price of $56.

I hate paying more than $50 for jeans. Heck, I hate overpaying for anything in general, but jeans especially. With Point Zero's sale though, you could basically get two coloured jeans for the price of one. They come in either langousta (pink), mimosa (yell0w), prince blue, sea, white, or sky.

Every woman should have at least one pair of white pants in their wardrobe for the summer, just don't forget the rule that TLC's show "What Not To Wear" made ever so popular: no white after Labour Day! In either case, these skinny jeans would certainly look great in any colour and could definitely be easily paired with any top.

These ones are 98% cotton, but you can also get a practically identical pair of skinny jeans for the same price in either magia nera (blue) or rosetta (red). These ones, however, have less cotton and more polyester, but I'm sure it wouldn't make a huge difference in their comfort level.

If you're looking for a unique dress, then I also spotted the 3/4 sleeve knit dress on sale for $32 (reg. $65). It's the first dress that I have seen with a leather detailing at the neck. Another dress with unique detailing at the neck is the cut out dress for $43 (reg. $86) as it looks like it already has a necklace attached.

Point Zero also has a great promotion on men's coloured denim going on right now: buy one get one 50% off. This means that when you buy one pair, then you will get the second one at half price. No code needed; just add the two pairs to your cart and that's it. Each pair is $49 and there are three styles to choose from. Just like the skinny jeans above, these three models look practically the same, but I noticed that they differ in the quantity of cotton they are made from, and these are also available in plenty of different colours.

For men, the cargo shorts on sale for $28 (reg. $56) may also be worth checking out as they are 100% cotton and come in four different colours: white, navy, charcoal or linen.

Shipping is free on orders over $75, otherwise a $9.95 shipping charge will apply.

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