Please Mum Canada: 30% Discount… Or More!

Please Mum Canada: 30% Discount… Or More!


There is a web exclusive available right now, online @ Please Mum Canada. EVERYTHING online is discounted by an extra 30%!

The 30% discount is automatic, you should see it appear when you view the items, as if by magic. But what's even sweeter, are the extra deals on their site too. For example, if you push your purchase over the $75 level, you get an EXTRA 15% discount. But, does it get better than that? Yep, it sure does! Spend $125 or more, and an EXTRA 30% will be taken off the cost of your already discounted items.

My mind is boggling with all the percentages. I guess it means that if you spend $125, you get an extra 30% discount off the 70% cost, meaning the goods end up costing you about 61% of their original marked price. Does my maths make sense?

With all those deal combos, you could make some really excellent bargains. But here's my suggestion - get a friend or family member who also wants to order a few things, and put your purchases all into one order. You'll both benefit from getting extra discounts!

Bargainmooser Cheryl emailed me this excellent deal - thank you so much for your help!


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  • Cynthia
    Does anyone know what sizes their clothes are for kids that are 4yrs and 2yrs . They have Sm-Xl. My nephews wear size 4 and 2. This would be a great deal if i can get this info. :)
    • joy
      You can click on their "sizing chart" to see an explanation of what their sizes translate into. I find their sizes are pretty true to age. My daughters are tall and skinny so i tend to get one size larger. Its better for them to either grow into or roll up the pants than to have them too small. Hope this helps.