Playmobil Small School was $140 now $84 @ Toys R Us Pre Black Friday!

Playmobil Small School was $140 now $84 @ Toys R Us Pre Black Friday!

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Toys R Us Canada is bring a few great deals to us before their official Black Friday sales that are coming up. If you want a great discount on a fab toy for the kids, then check out the Playmobil Small School. This Toys R Us Canada Exclusive toy is on sale for 40% off, which means you will pay $83.97 instead of the regular price which was $139.99. You will also get a shipping discount.

Playmobil toys are so popular - even more so as we roll into Christmas. If you have a child over the age of four then you probably already know that they love Playmobil sets. This Playmobil Small School can only be found at Toys R Us Canada, and now it can be found for a fantastic price. Now you can get this huge Playmobil set for just $83.97. This is a great Santa gift this year I would think! This set honestly has way too many pieces included to list, but I promise you won't be disappointed. It will also work well with other Playmobil sets like the Schoolbus or Playground set.

Here is one of the customer reviews on the Toys R Us website:

My daughter was begging for more Playmobil for her 6th birthday, so I purchased this school. She and her older sister have played with this for two weeks straight. I love the variety of "subjects" that came with the school: music, art, science, math. There is alot of detail in this set.

My son has quite a few Playmobil sets. I would have to say that the only con would be all of the incredibly small parts. He has lost many small items like chairs, shovels, helmets and such. They are probably in my vents somewhere, but I guess the small parts comes with the package. When he was younger I just kept all of the tiny pieces from each set and held onto them until he was a bit older and understands not to throw them into little "hiding" places or feed them to the dogs.

While normally offers free shipping on all orders over $49, this item is too large to qualify. It does still get a $10 discount on shipping though. My estimated shipping cost to my home just outside of Toronto is $12.57, so minus the $10 I would only pay $2.57 for shipping. You won't even notice such a small amount.

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