Play-Doh Halloween Bag 15 Cans $13.18 @ Amazon Canada

A nice alternative to candy for the Trick or Treaters!
Play-Doh Halloween Bag 15 Cans $13.18 @ Amazon Canada

Want to avoid dishing out candy this Halloween? Snap up this Play-Doh Halloween 15 Cans Bag for just $13.18 from Amazon Canada for a tooth-friendly alternative for those Trick or Treaters.

Play-Doh Halloween Bag

The Play-Doh Halloween Bag contains 15 cans of Play-Doh compound. Each can is a one-ounce can, so enough to make a little model out of.

I like the idea of handing these out on Halloween instead of candy - it's more creative and I think it would be a nice surprise for thoseTrick or Treaters. Afterall, it's usually just candy they receive.

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