PlasmaCars from $43.70 + Free Shipping @ Amazon

PlasmaCars from $43.70 + Free Shipping @ Amazon

We've been looking at PlasmaCars for our little guy since the weather has improved and he's now a bit older. They've always been quite expensive, though! Even on sale, the lowest I think I've seen is about $55. Well, Amazon has a few colour combinations marked down to as low as $43.70.

PlasmaCars have no gears, batteries or pedals; little ones just need to steer and they're on their way. They provide great exercise and can also be used indoors if you have the space and smooth, flat floors (no carpet). They're also not meant to be used on grass, gravel or sand so keep them on the driveway or sidewalk for the most fun!

The blue version is priced the lowest at $43.70. It's a great bright blue with a cute red seat. For a little less than $5 more, the purple model is $48.48; there's also a bright yellow version for $48.90. The other colours are $56 or more but I think blue, purple or yellow would please any kid!

As it's over $25, Amazon will ship your awesome little PlasmaCar to you for free!

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