Pineapple Mug $15.69 USD @ Firebox

Pineapple Mug $15.69 USD @ Firebox

Okay - how cute is this?! Firebox has this Pineapple Mug and I had to have it. You'll need it too, especially since it is on sale. Right now it is on sale for $15.69 USD down from $22.49. That works out to be roughly $19.81 CAD.

If you're already missing the summer time sunshine and good times, then this mug is what you'll need to get you through the winter. I can pretend my office desk is a beach in the tropics. Maybe?

The lid might just be my favourite thing, because come summer time I will want to use this cup on the beach. The lid is a great way to keep bees and bugs out of your drink. This is the absolutely perfect home for my Pina Colada.

Shipping for me on this item was $7.81 USD.


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