Picnic Blanket Fold Up Tote For $30 + Free Ship @ Amazon.ca

Picnic Blanket Fold Up Tote For $30 + Free Ship @ Amazon.ca

When we go down to the river to enjoy a picnic with our family, we end up stuffing our tote bags full of food, drinks, sunscreen, and frisbees, leaving no room for a picnic blanket. Instead it becomes an after-thought, tossed over a shoulder and ends up dragging in the dirt. This family-sized blanket folds up into it's own tote bag, is water-resistant and could be the game-changer that your family picnics have been waiting for!

The regular price on this tote blanket is around $36 - $50, so for the current price of $30, it's a good deal. Shipping is free, too!

Sometimes we bring old blankets or quilts outside but end up getting our clothes wet from the moisture on the grass seeping through. This would prevent that from happening because of its moisture resistant backing. In the reviews, people have reported that it washes up well in the washing machine.

The blanket is large enough for the entire family, unless you have a lot of kids. In that case you might want to buy more than one. It measures almost 6 feet wide, by 6.5 feet long. It looks much easier to fold up than a paper map.

The blanket weighs just over 2 lbs, so not too bad to carry to the best spot down by the river.

Shipping is free!

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