Photobook Canada: Get Up To 79% Off

Photobook Canada: Get Up To 79% Off

Seriously: if you need photo books, posters, or photo cards, this is the best place to get them right now. Save up to 79% on those things I just mentioned during their summer promotion!

How does this work? Photobook Canada sells most of these deals as vouchers, kind of like your Wagjag or your Groupon. What it means is that you can buy the deal now and use it later. You essentially get a prepaid voucher that is good till a specific date, usually for six months. I love this method, because a photo book can take a while to make, so getting a voucher than I can use when I am ready is the best option for me.

So... why are these promotions so fantastic (and beat out the competition)? First off: the discounts. You get 79% off A3 Landscape Poster prints. Pay only $7.10 for $30 worth!

There are many photobook deals to choose from, but I am talking about mind-blowing deals, so I have to mention the 70% off all softcover books! This one is not a voucher, so just use coupon code JULY69SCV at checkout. (Expiry: 30th, September 2013).

I'm more of a hardcover girl myself, so 65% off either theLarge Landscape Debossed or 65% off the Medium Landscape Imagewrap is totally tickling my fancy! These both work with the voucher system, so I can buy now and use the voucher anytime between now and the end of the year. The Landscape Imagewrap costs $31.60 for $80 worth and the Landscape Debossed is $37.50 for $95 worth.

(Expiry: varies. Voucher purchasing ends 22nd July 2013)


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