Philips Wake-Up Light, $70 from $100 @

Philips Wake-Up Light, $70 from $100 @

I don't think anything feels more gross than waking up abruptly in the middle of the night (6 am or so in Canadian winters) where everything is so pitch black where even our white cat is black. This Philips Wake-Up Light is exactly what we all need this fall and winter season and it's on sale for $69.99. The list price is $99.99.

Every Canadian should check out this Philips Wake-Up Light - It's a bedside light with 10 different light settings that has a colour flow of bright yellow sunrise in the mix!

There's a gentle beep to get you up on time and there is a (thank goodness!) snooze function. 'Rise & Shine' will take on a whole new meaning with this Philips light, just read the reviews.

Shipping is free on this item!

There's two schools of thought on getting up in the morning - those who snooze and slowly get up, and those who we totally envy because they can snap out of bed just like that.

So... Which school are you in - snoozing, to catch some (pretend) extra Z's? Or non-snoozing, snap out of bed in a flash?


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