P&G Brandsaver Sign Up for Free Samples, Coupons, Tips & More

P&G Brandsaver Sign Up for Free Samples, Coupons, Tips & More


I am a firm believer in every little bit counts when it comes to saving money. A dollar here and fifty cents there adds up in the end to save you a lot of money.  One of the best and easiest ways to save money is with the use of coupons.  I have signed up to a few different websites that will send me coupons through the mail, but probably the best website with the most resources is P&G Brandsaver.

It is absolutely free to sign up at P&G Brandsaver and you get so many great rewards with them.  Not only will you get the latest coupons they have to offer, you will get useful tips, free samples, heads up on the latest products and promotions and much more.

You will be allowed to sign up for one account per household.  You must be 19 years old or older and the savings will start as soon as you sign up. One of the things I like about signing up is that they will send you alerts for new coupons and samples you can get.  Every few months, they offer great samples that you can get to try out new products for free and when you sign up with them, it will ensure that you get this notification and don't miss out on these freebies.

Currently, they are offering up to $76 worth of savings in coupons right now on a variety of different products.  I just got some coupons for Pampers, Crest, Cascade, Bounty and more.  Each time you order new coupons, you can get up to 32 at a time.  Since they have more than that most of the time, you can put in multiple orders one after the other to get each and every coupon if you would like.

It takes about 1-2 weeks for them to mail the coupons to you which isn't bad at all.

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