P&G Brandsampler: New Samples Out

P&G Brandsampler: New Samples Out

There's a new set of samples available from P&G Brandsampler. Create an account or login to get your free samples!

Once you login or create an account, you'll have to answer a short questionnaire about your product usage. It seems like the less products you say you've used or tried, the more samples you will get.

You must be at least 18 years old to request a package and there is a limit of one package request per mailing address per offer period.

Some of the samples look to be always Infinity, Iams pet food, Scope, Cascade, Pantene, Crest, Olay and Febreeze.

There are limited quanties of samples, so get yours now!

Thank you to Mooser ksanders for posting this on the community forums!


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  • Anita
    strange, it asked me questions about what diapers I use and what cat food I used (which I do use both) but when it was time to choose samples, the only options I got were for Cascade, Crest, Olay and Febreeze....I really wanted some diapers and cat food more than the other stuff :S
    • joy
      It told me to choose at 3 samples, it only offered 3! In the end it told me that the request failed, try again later. Perhaps then I'll get more choices.
      • misskitty-79
        I was offered four choices for both myself & my Mom.
        • kimbit
          It didn't ask me to choose any this time, normally it does, it just said I will be receiving a selection of products in 6 weeks?