Personalized Needlepoint Stocking $20.79 @ Lands's End

Personalized Needlepoint Stocking $20.79 @ Lands's End

I am just about literally jumping up and down as I order these stockings for the kids! The regular price on Lands' End personalized hand stitched needlepoint stockings is $41.58 and I would gladly pay that much for them because of the impressive beauty of these stockings.

Just for today - you can get these stockings for half off when you use code THANKS with pin 9578 during checkout. You'll get 50% off sleepwear and home as well as 30% off of everything else so look around the website.

There are 11 to choose from so everyone in your family can get a different one. They are made of wool and cotton and measure 20.5" long.

Shipping is free when you spend over $50.00 otherwise is $8.00. If you buy one stocking you'll pay $28.79 plus tax, including shipping. If you buy 3 stockings, you'll pay $62.37 plus taxes including free shipping. There is no duty on these products in particular and you should receive your order in 4-9 business days if not personalized, otherwise add on an extra day for that.


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