The Custom Wrapping Paper for Dog Owners

Christmas is going to the dogs
The Custom Wrapping Paper for Dog Owners

No matter how early I start thinking about Christmas, I somehow end up scrambling to buy and wrap gifts at the last minute. Well, I'm determined to change that this year. I might not have bought all my presents yet, but I think I know how I'll package them ... because I just found the best wrapping paper at Etsy!

It's perfect for pet parents or anyone who just loves dogs, because this paper is covered with pictures of cute little pups dressed up in reindeer antlers, Rudolph-style red noses and Santa hats! And to make things even better, you can even personalize it with the name of your own beloved pooch.

Just choose the breed (and colour) of the doggo you want to show off on all your gifts and add the name (if you want). You're limited to the brands available in the product images, but that still gives you dozens of options. There aren't any mutts, though, so you may have to take your best guesses for some pups.

You can't adjust their outfits or little costume pieces, but trust me, each one is adorable. You can order anywhere from one (for $8.77) to 10 sheets ($67.80) at once. Shipping to Canada from the UK is $8.86.

If all that wasn't enough, you can also buy Personalized Dog Birthday Wrapping Paper (where you can choose between the same breeds, all wearing festive little party hats) and something every spoiled pup needs: their very own custom stocking. And yes, this seller also makes Personalized Cat Christmas Wrapping Paper.

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  • Jennifer T.

    so cute!!

    • Tracy J.

      .. this is so you!

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        OMG :flushed::heart_eyes:

        • Kyle P.

          we dont have a dog....

          • Aleksandra P.

            well when I call your grandad back we will :joy::joy::joy:

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              • Chay M.

                I know so cute

                • Clay L.

                  :joy::joy::joy::joy: sold

                  • Ericka M.

                    this has your name all over it!!

                    • Pamela C.

                      ohh i need

                      • Karen L.

                        Hee Hee I agree!!

                        • Summer H.

                          oh my lort