Personalized Christmas Stockings $14.99 USD @ York Photo

Personalized Christmas Stockings $14.99 USD @ York Photo

I always get so excited as we approach Christmas. I love the mood, the generous atmosphere, and all of the tacky Christmas decorations! If you need a personalized stocking for the kids or a family member, then check out this York Photo offer. Right now you can get half-off Personalized Christmas Stockings with the code STOCKING - which means the price is knocked down to $14.99 USD ($20.08 CAD).

There are so many stockings to choose from - you can choose from plenty of cute designs that you can just add a name or photo to, or you can completely design your own. I've been wanting a personalized stocking for my son for a couple years now, so here's my chance. Is it yours too?

Shipping from the US to Canada at is $5.99 USD ($8.02 CAD). Taxes and what not are not calculated at the check out, so there is a slight chance you will have a small duty charge to pay at the door - but unlikely since your purchase is under $20.


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