Personalize A Tim Horton's Gift Card With Your Own Photo

Personalize A Tim Horton's Gift Card With Your Own Photo

Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without a little Tim's. I give Tim Horton's gift cards to everyone from my impossible to buy for grandparents to the girls' bus driver. (Sorry about that vomit incident Frank!) But sometimes giving gift cards can feel a bit impersonal. Well that has all changed. Now you can design your own Tim Horton's gift cards complete with your own photos and personal messages.

How does it work? There are just six easy steps.

  1. Click on "Upload a Photo" and follow the instructions below to create your personalized Tim's card.
  2. Once you've designed your card, choose the amount of your gift card and add a personalized message.
  3. Complete the delivery and shipping information.
  4. Select your method of shipping.
  5. Click "Add to Cart".
  6. Continue to Check-out to submit your method of payment.

The personalized Tim's cards cost an additional $2.99 on top of the cost of the gift card itself. Standard shipping costs $1.25. Order by December 9th for standard delivery within Canada & United States or international delivery or by December 16th for expedited delivery within Canada & United States.

I think I will gift everyone a gift card of my dog drinking from a Tim's coffee cup. What about you?


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