Persona: BOGO 50% Off Charm Beads

Persona: BOGO 50% Off Charm Beads


Persona offers a plethora of beads to service the build your own charm bracelet needs of the masses. They are gorgeous: ranging from gold plated, enamelled, crystal, glass.. etc. One of the best things is you personalize it: the chance of two bracelets being the same... very small! For only a couple days Persona is offering a buy one get one 50% off on all their beads.

It is so easy to spend a fortune on that website, what woman doesn't want to design her own charm bracelet? The beads are classy, not kid's stuff! I got carried away and wasted a good 1/2 hour just going through beads and designing what my bracelet would look like if I got one... etc. One of the good things is shipping is free on $60+, which is pretty easy to spend.

Offer expires the 4th, February 2011. Discount automatically deducted at checkout.


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