Peoples and Mappins: Up to 50% Off Clearance

Peoples and Mappins: Up to 50% Off Clearance


Got a couple emails coming in from the local jewellers, both Peoples and Mappins are having a Clearance Sale with up to 50% off. If you are in the market to get some new sparklies or perhaps to impress your significant other you might want to check out their sale.

This is an in store sale - however part of the email said that an online store is 'coming soon.' Isn't that fantastic news? I love all these Canadian stores finally getting with it and developing online shopping! If they are smart they would have it up in time for the Christmas season, or maybe a boxing day release of their website.

If you are going to make a sizable purchase I highly suggest signing up for Peoples' or Mappins' newsletters because they will send you a $50 off $300 coupon if my memory stands.


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  • strumalong
    very unpleasent staff after purchase! purchased a 25th anniversary ring for my wife ,I was told the sizing was free ,went back a week later ,to be told it will cost 30 dollars or i can purchase a warrenty for 45 dollars . I found on telling her we were there for sizing not to buy another ring ,she was unpleasent. Pembroke ont.