Penningtons Plus Size Clothing: 15% Discount!

I’ve come across a little promotional code for some discount on clothing for larger ladies from these clothing stores in the 1-plus group. The promo code works on Addition Elle Canada, MXM Canada and Penningtons Canada.



I’ve tested it out at the checkout and it is working well. Some online offers:


  • All capris $49.99
  • T-shirts $19.99 (buy 2)
  • All tops & bottoms $19.99
  • Dresses $39.99
  • Bras & pants (buy 1 get 1 50% off)
  • Shorts & skorts ($39.99)
  • Sleepwear (2 for $39.99)
  • All activewear $39.99


Using the 15% discount, you might be able to combine it with some of the above offers and manage to grab yourself some great bargains.


  • willowsprite
    Yep, we're fat 'cause we eat too much cake. Thanks.
  • Sherri
    Actually I'm big just because that's how I'm built. Damn dutch roots! :p
  • Anna
    Sorry Willow... it was a wee joke :p
  • NK
    LOL! Thanks Anna! Will come in handy.

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