Peanuts (think Snoopy) Hot Dog Steamer, 50% Off - $20 @ London Drugs

Peanuts (think Snoopy) Hot Dog Steamer, 50% Off - $20 @ London Drugs

Do you remember having hot dog sales at your elementary school? The volunteer Moms would come into the school and boil the wieners. They were such a nice change from the PB & J or bologna sandwiches in the brown paper bags. Or, did any of you get Cheese Whiz and jam sandwiches in your lunch? We did!

Maybe the hotdogs were steamed and not boiled, but I did see them in a huge pot of boiling water one time when I got to 'help' in the staff room. I was amazed at the 'luxury' (one couch and a kitchen table) that they had, compared to our hard chairs in our desks.

It seems as though it's rare for hot dogs to be served at a school function anymore. This cute red Peanuts hot dog steamer wouldn't make enough steamed hot dogs for an entire school all at once, but wouldn't it be great to use at a kids birthday party? It's half price, selling for only $20!

You can make eight hot dogs at once. There is a steaming drawer for the hot dogs, and you can steam the buns as well, on the top.

Note: I would pay little attention to the description of this item on the London Drugs website because it appears there is an error - this is not a toaster hot dog maker it is a hot dog steamer.

Shipping starts at around $7 for this item.

(Deal expiry: Unknown)


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