Pay What You Want for Bloom Country @ Humble Bundle

Pay What You Want for Bloom Country @ Humble Bundle


Lovers of comics will love this deal from Humble Bundle. Pay what you want for the entire collection of Bloom Country!

As a kid, I loved reading the comics section of the Toronto Sun. I actually used to read the entire Toronto Sun newspaper, with all its accounts of rapes and shootings, written for a grade five level audience. That suited me well, as I was in grade five at the time. But, my favourite was actually reading the comics section and I'm sure, although don't quote me, that Bloom Country was one of the comics I read there.

If you don't know Bloom Country, it is a story of small town America, examining politics and culture through the eyes of adult-like children and animals. I'm sure there were so many aspects I didn't understand with Bloom Country, but it was a fun little read.

The cartoonist actually won a Pulitzer Prize for this strip in the 80s, which seems pretty amazing to me.

It looks like you can get volumes 1-4 with the pay what you want scheme and the rest have a minimum. I like the pay what you want scheme as it allows you to decide what the book is worth, but also challenges you to decide how charitable you want to be.

The value of the set that you are deciding on is worth $91. These are e-books if I haven't made that clear and it is a specially formatted digital edition in chronological order.

I think this is a very cool set for someone who wants to be nostalgic or to give to your kids who you want to introduce Pulitzer Prize winning work.

Photo credit: Welsh Dan

(Expiry: 18th March 2015)


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