Paw Patrol Toy Bundles from $38.14 @

Paw Patrol Toy Bundles from $38.14 @

Parents have been scouting out sales on Paw Patrol toys for Christmas and this one is one of the best sales we've seen yet. You can save 25% off of toy purchases that are $50 and up. We've put together a couple of combos that will give you the 25% discount when you use promo code INDIGOKIDS during checkout.

Here are the links for a play bundle of 3 Paw Patrol characters and vehicles:

The regular price on these 3 toys is $50.85. With the promo code above, you'll get these for $38.14.

My son would love to have this Paw Patrol Air Patroller, and at $49.95 it just misses the getting the 25% discount. If we add this awesome Paw Patrol Mega 3D 50 pack of tattoos for $4.95, we'll be able to get the discount and pay $41.18 for both. I'm stocking up on the tattoos for my daughter's next birthday party!

Shipping is free on orders over $25 or if you prefer you can opt for the free in-store pickup during checkout.

What Paw Patrol combinations are you buying to get the 25% discount?


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