PAW Patrol Figures Advent Calendar $29.97 Shipped

PAW Patrol Figures Advent Calendar $29.97 Shipped

OMG! How awesome is this?! For any Paw Patrol obsessed kiddos, here's the real deal. Toys R Us Canada has the Paw Patrol Advent Calendar! It comes with 24 collectible, plastic Paw Patrol figures. You need this for your kids!

Its usually sells for $39.99, but right now it's available for $29.97 at Toys R Us Canada and that even includes shipping.

It's by far one of the most sought-after Advent Calendars this year, and chances are it'll sell out the closer we get to Christmas – so I'd grab one while they're still in stock!

This is the first Paw Patrol Advent Calendar that I've seen with toys instead of chocolate. Every day your kids will get to open up a new door, revealing a new Paw Patrol character. What better way to count down to Christmas?!

Get free shipping with no minimum purchase for a limited time at


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  • Lisa W.

    Oh I get to spend $40 on an advent calendar lol

    • Jen H.

      I went to order one but I need $50 or more for free shipping :rolling_eyes:

      • Bargainmoose

        Hi It should be free shipping on orders over $49, or free in-store pickup. :)

        • Jen H.

          yes... Exactly.

          • Jen H.

            Yes, $49, $50... Whichever. It's charging $11 for shipping because the calendar is only $40!

            • Bargainmoose

              You can always check out their clearance section for a little something to add. Perhaps a stocking stuffer? :)

            • Maegan M.

              I got my daughter tsum tsum advent calendar. She's pumped. I know it's more expensive but they are just more excited about toys then chocolate

              • Tiziana I.

                Where did you find the tsum tsum one?

                • Maegan M.


                  • Maegan M.


                  • Jen S.

                    Ya I need these at TRU. Now if only they had this in PJ masks or rescue bots. This boy already has those paw patrol lol

                    • Krista L.

                      Oh your grand babies would love this

                      • Amber L.

                        Oh man!!!!! I know someone who would be waking us up at 5 am daily to open these. Lol. Maybe a before bed ritual?? Where can I get one??

                        • Bargainmoose

                          Hi Amber! Just follow the link in the post to get your hands on one.

                          • Natasha G.

                            Toys r us has them too

                          • Jeanie D.

                            That's nice Erin. Who sells this one

                            • Steff C.

                              I could see it all be opened within 3 days lmao

                              • Nicole R.

                                I bet Orion would like one of these!

                                • Kit R.

                                  He would but he's not super into the ol' PP anymore!

                                  • Nicole R.

                                    Whaaaaat? Im behind on what the kids are into these days:unamused:

                                    • Kit R.

                                      He should be into it still but he likes spooky stuff right now. Currently Spongebob is on and he loves it

                                      • Nicole R.

                                        Halloween approaching, makes sense. Ooooh Spongebob I can jump on board with, thats entertaining for the whole family lol

                                      • Debra M.


                                        • Sarah C.

                                          Well I guess we know what EVERYONE will be looking for this year!

                                          • Cyndi L.

                                            Yup... not sure she needs the toys though.

                                            • Stacy B.

                                              That is the coolest thing!

                                              • Christine K.

                                                Toys r us.... you should order it online

                                                • Jennifer H.

                                                  Greyson would go nuts

                                                  • Jennifer H.

                                                    I already have Aubrey's and brooklyn's Christmas gifts

                                                    • Nicole S.

                                                      Let's order it NOW! !!!!!!!

                                                      • Lindsey K.

                                                        if emma still likes them hahaha

                                                        • Kyla M.

                                                          Yep lol!

                                                          • Karli S.

                                                            we just watched paw patrol today! Lol nice change from my little pony.

                                                          • Christine R.

                                                            Haha! I'd be super mom

                                                            • Kym W.

                                                              OMG! Kennedy NEEDS this! Lol.

                                                              • Callie L.

                                                                My 4 year old would love this!!!