Patriot 32GB MicroSD Card for $31 (!!!) at (75% off)

Patriot 32GB MicroSD Card for $31 (!!!) at (75% off)

This card will help you easily expand your smart phone, tablet or camera and because we here at Bargainmoose love you, you don't have to pay $99. We've got the hookups to get this bad boy to you for $30.99!

Sooo... Yeah... Not much to talk about here... It's a memory card. You can use it to store digital stuff on... It's stores stuff very well... Oh, it comes with a MicroSD-to-SD converter so you can use an SD card reader to transfer your data. It also meets Amazon's $25 limit and thus gets free shipping.

Ok, time for more learning children! These cards are Class 10. The classes indicate how fast the card can write data. The SD Card Association has come up with a genius way of of naming the classes. Stay with me here, it's very, very complex. A class 2 card has a minimum write speed of 2MB/s. A class 4 has a minimum write speed of 4 MB/s. I'd tell you how fast a Class 6 and Class 10 card can write data but I don't want to spoil the surprise.  These guidelines are just that, guidelines.

These classes are not verified by any experts so anyone can put class 10 on any card, regardless of write speed so you are going to want to buy your SD cards from a good company. Just stay away from "Uncle Jim's Downstairs SD Card Emporium and Manufactory" and you should be good.

The next time I find an SD card deal I'll teach you how SD cards work! Won't that be fun!?

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  • becci
    I marked this 5 stars because it IS a good deal. However, even though I know you were trying to be funny, the text here actually comes off as a little patronizing.
    • Nock
      It's cheaper at Memory Express. $25
      • Shawn M.
        This is true but please keep shipping in mind. Amazon has free 2 - 6 day shipping on this product. Memory express is $9 shipping to my house. If you can go to the Memory Express store and pick it up it would be a better deal for sure.