This Weekend Only: B2G1 FREE @ Pandora Canada

B2G1 FREE @ Pandora Canada

Okay, I was poking around the Pandora website a few days ago, and I spotted some pretty incredible Christmas charms.

And things get even better. Until Monday, almost everything Pandora sells is part of a buy two, get one FREE deal – including the new Christmas jewellery!

Everything included in the promotion is marked. Existing sale items don't qualify for the deal, but there are PLENTY of new charms and pieces to choose from.

For all the Mariah Carey fans in your life, you need to see this new All I Want for Christmas Charm. It's sterling silver, decked out in holly and inscribed with the famous lyric.

The deal runs until Dec. 9, so make sure you get any and all orders in before then. Your third equal- or lesser-price item will be free. Shipping is free when you spend at least $75.

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  • Nikki P.

    She Luckay :wink:

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